Magnum News

After the floods the river is now back to her very best for all to enjoy once again.

We are now coming into the off-peak season with the lower tariffs.  Make the most of this period and enjoy some relaxing downtime with friends or family.

It may not be skiing weather but you can't beat sitting around a campfire in the cooler times.  It is really a lovely time to enjoy all the Murray has to offer with abundant wildlife and birdlife.  Enjoy the quiet stillness of the mornings with a hot coffee clearing your mind of all your work worries. 

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PLEASE NOTE:  We would like to let everyone know that after 35 plus years we have scaled down to just the one boat, Magnum Extreme.

We are hoping to enjoy some very overdue free time with just the one boat in our fleet.

We will continue to enjoy looking after those traveling with us as we always have.

For this reason we are now offering prices on Magnum Extreme as an 8 berth a 10 berth or a 12 berth with new tariffs.

We hope by doing this it will give options for those that can't always round up a full crew of 12. 


Call us now to get your dates booked in! 


We look forward to hearing from you and helping you plan your river escape.

      Margretta and Trevor Stoeckel  















Magnum Houseboats...
Travel with us on the premier stretch of the River Murray at Renmark in the Riverland of South Australia.


Summer or winter you will always find your time on the river to be exciting and will fill your senses.


A wonderful experience  for the young and the young at heart.  Enjoy all the water activities right there on your doorstep.


Spending time with best friends or family on the river will create the best of memories for years to come.


Colourful cliffs near magnum houseboats